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Trade, Wholesale, Import and Export of smaller artisan made wooden kegs and miniature casks, professionally cooperaged larger oak barrels, vinegar barrels , mouth blown display, ornamental glass bottles, vinegar and oil cruets, wine dispensers, wooden bottle holders, whiskey glasses and stemware from Renaissance Arts Company Limited a Malta based company with a European network of artisan workshops that specialise in traditional and artisanal crafting of works in wood, glass, iron and porcelain.

Renaissance Arts commissions,  produces and manufactures a varied range interesting and original wine, whiskey, liquor and spirits related gifts, accessories and gadets for the professional and enthusiast alike. We are constantly upgrading and expanding our capabilities and we can supply large, medium and smaller quantity orders of small and large wine barrels , 20 to 50 liter medium sized kegs ,  larger 100 to 600 liter oak wine barrels and 225 liter, 59gal oak Barrique barrels , wooden wine bottle , glass pipettes, pipete, wine thief, speciality, display glass bottles for liquors and whiskies, wine dispensers, oil and vinegar cruets and stemware.

A benefit of working with us is the possibility of ordering a smaller quantity of a mixed range of wooden, glass or iron works thus lowering average shipping costs and at the same time offering a varied selection of works to your customers, which can be extremely useful in the case of shop owners and smaller businesses.

Trade in Europe and within the European Union:  We can export and deliver to small, medium and large sized traders including the United Kingdom, UK, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia, Finland, Sweden, Danmark, Netherlands, Holland, Austria, Italy, Malta, Luxemberg, Greece, Cyprus, Norway, Switzerland, Cental and East Europe and Russia amongst others.

International Trade:  We can export and deliver to small, medium and large sized traders in North America, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and Asia at wholesale or export prices. We do not trade with Central and South African countries and some others.

Customisations: Due to the fact that the great majority of our works are artisan crafted from wood, glass iron or porcelain we can offer various customisation options which are usually only feasible at certain volumes. For more information please go to customisations or email us.

If you are interested purchasing any of our products please contact us contact us with quantity and product code for a quotation.

Other information

  • Samples : Provided samples and delivery is paid for, we can arrange to have the required number of samples or prototype delivered for your evaluation.
  • For sample delivery : we suggest mail via air (up to 15 work days delivery time) or surface (up to 30 days delivery time) mail, otherwise if you have an account with an international courier you can use the 'freight collect option'.
  • Bank charges : are 10Euros and 6% of order to a maximum of 25 Euros. For large orders this expense is waived.
  • Phyto-Sanitary Certification : When shipping by air or sea such treatment and certification is required by the import country's customs authorities on arrival. We can provide such certification at cost however usually small quantities delivered by courier or mail need not have such certification and therefore won't incur such extra costs.
  • Taxes : if you are made inside the EU, an 18% VAT must be added on the total invoice amount, however, if you are VAT registered you will get this VAT refunded. If you are based outside the EU you will not have to pay the VAT but can be liable to pay taxes, duties or other charges on arrival in your country.

If you are a trader and you are interested in evaluating the possibility to introduce our works to your customers just drop us an email at together with your full company details, address, VAT/Sales Tax Number together with quantities and options that you are interested in and we will back to you in a short time.


 Our full contact address and details are as follows:

Renaissance Arts Company Limited, 3, Triq il-Hut, M'Scala  MSK 3503, Malta, Europe
Tel:  +356 21 632623 Fax: +356 21 632623       e-mail: 

Malta Registered Company Number C31695 , VAT Registration Number MT16751619